Aqua3 Goalkeeper Glove
Aqua3 Roll Cut Goalkeeper Gloves
AQUA 3 | Roll Cut
AQUA 3 | Roll Cut

AQUA 3 | Roll Cut

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Introducing the AQUA 3. This goalkeeper glove features a Roll Cut with extended palm, interior silicone grip bars, a secure latex strap, and a Spanish Breathaprene backhand. This classic roll cut goalie glove has an extremely comfortable fit with a sticky German Contact latex that can perform in rain, shine, or snow. AQUA 3 also offers removable spines with a velcro backhand pouch for those that like spines and those who don't. You have the option for spines in or out. Protect your fingers and have a stronger hold of the ball in wet conditions with this latex! 

  • Roll Cut
  • All-weather 4mm German contact latex (Rain, shine, or snow)
  • Latex braille-interior grip texture
  • Spanish Breathaprene backhand (Soft)
  • 4mm German contact latex strap (Grip)
  • Removable Spines (Finger Savers)