Grindavik | Urvalsdeild kvenna, Iceland

Daryl Sattler of EPIC Academy spotted Veronica Smeltzer while coaching against her. Flagler women's soccer team faced Limestone College in the NCAA tournament and Veronica was their notable goalkeeper. After the game Coach Sattler spoke with Veronica and found out she was a senior who thought her soccer career was soon over. Identifying that she had what it took to play at the next level, Sattler got in contact with one of EPIC’s partnering agencies. A few months later, Veronica signed her first pro contract with Grindavik of the Icelandic Premier League.

 "I met Daryl after playing Flagler in the first round of the NCAA tournament my senior year of college. My collegiate team had just lost in overtime, and despite being the defeated team, Daryl found me afterwards and congratulated me on a well fought match. After only seeing me in a single game, he told me I had what it took to continue playing at the next level, and told me to reach out to him if I wanted to do so. When I was ready to make the jump, not only did Daryl put me in contact with my current agent, but he offered me a glove deal during my two seasons abroad. Daryl has been nothing but supportive throughout my entire professional career, and I probably wouldn't have continued playing if it wasn't for his confidence in me after my collegiate career and beginning my professional one. It has been a privilege to be a member of the EPIC family, and I am elated to see where Daryl takes not only this company, but this community, in the near future! #BEEPIC."

– Veronica Smeltzer